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    Dear websurfing friends,

    Thank you for taking time to visit my web site! I'm available for consultation or interview & I'd be delighted to hear from you about your art & design needs. On this page & the following pages you can learn a little bit about who I am.

    I started as a traditional artist, doing illustration & graphics by hand. I received numerous art scholarships, attended art, design & graphic colleges, majored in fine arts & psychology at my university. I've developed my own businesses, managed other small companies, & helped form a corporation. I'm skilled in practical business management, marketing, & written composition.

    Then I fell in love with creating computer graphics! I know both MAC & PC platforms. My specialties include Photoshop, Illustrator, PageMaker, & Corel. I'm familiar with Quark, Fractal Painter, & more graphic & web development programs. I'm proficient in Windows98 & all word processing programs. I enjoy what I do & learn programs quickly and efficiently. I learned HTML by hand & graduated from the Web Design & Production Certificate Program.

    I work from my own studio when not working full time for a steady employer. I enjoy creating high caliber art & professional quality custom graphics! I'm organized, motivated, & capable of meeting pressured deadlines. As you can see on my resume , my education and experience as well as my work shows I'm uniquely qualified to assist you in all your art, graphic, & web design needs. Thanks again for your interest & please feel free roam through my web site & contact me anytime.


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