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To protect auto accident victims, the law requires all drivers to carry auto liability insurance and that they or their insurance company be responsible for paying damage and injury expenses for any accident they are at fault for. To benefit from this legal protection, you must first make a claim against the responsible party & their insurance company.

The insurance company employs an adjuster, whose job consists of handling claims to the company's advantage. Their goal is to pay out less to the injured victim in order to yield higher profits. If you want to make a sucessful claim and receive the settlement you are entitled to, you must show proof of your damages and injuries.

If you are involved in an auto accident, it will be beneficial for you to take detailed notes, carefully recording dates, times, names of the other party and all witnesses, contact information, what is said, and all about injuries, symptoms, treatments and medications, and work loss. Take photos of the scene, the damage, and the injuries. Seek medical help for all injuries. Keep all related receipts so you can document every expense. The best way to ensure a sucessful claim is to get representation from a good attorney. Don Edgar has years of experience in helping people like you get you the best possible settlement from their auto accident claim.

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