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If you were injured while on a job for your employer, you may be eligible to recieve compensation for medical bills and work loss through your employer's workers` compensation coverage. This is a detailed insurance system which monitors and protects both employees and employers. Most companies are required to carry a workers` compensation policy. Upon eligibility determination, your benefits are calculated based on your medical bills, average weekly wages, and doctor's recommendations. Benifits for serious injuries and partial or total loss of a body part or function are regulated by specific government guidelines.

You will need all facts regarding your employment and your injury, such as dates, times, witnesses, symptoms, treatment, and reports to be carefully documented. Notifying your employer within the time limit can be crucial to your claim. Even if you were on a job out of your home state, you may still be covered.

To protect your claim benefits, never delay medical treatment and don't sign any alternative agreements without consulting your legal representative. You need professional advice if you have any questions regarding your eligibility. For the maximum amount and best terms for your workers' compensation settlement, you will want an attorney who knows the laws and regulations to protect your interests. For a free consultation, contact Don Edgar as soon as possible.

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