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We at Arlin Technologies, Inc. enjoy sharing our success with you. We currently offer a simple commission incentive program for referrals to our web design department.

If you want to earn cash for participating, email a request to be a part of our Web Design Commission Program. Include the name of a perspective design client. We will NOT initiate contact with them (we do not endorse any type of spam). Pass our contact information on to the perspective client and HAVE THEM CONTACT US. When your referral contracts a project with us within one month of your referral, you will have earned your commission. Upon receipt of our first check for services from your referral, we will notify you immediately for your address. You will receive a commission check of $50 for your client finder's fee. It is possible for large project referrals you may earn larger commissions, at our discretion. If you have further questions, feel free to inquire here!

Arlin Reseller Program

You can earn extra money and reduce your monthly hosting payments by becoming an official Reseller! Join our team and receive your own mega disk space to resell to others with a profit to you. As an customer, an independent web designer, or an entepreneuer, you will benefit by reselling web space to others.

To become a reseller, you must purchase a minimum of one domain account. The more client accounts you obtain, the lower your rates will be. Your mega account and your client's accounts will include all features offered to our regular customers, as shown in our
hosting chart. You and your clients will receive the same fast reliable service we provide for our regular customers. Your customers will have all of our extra services available to them, such as our web design services, site submission service, ranking service, and even our 30 day money-back-guarantee on their web space!

Apply now with free setup, and we notify you personally when your reseller accounts are ready. You will receive an Reseller ID number and we will continue to work with you personally to support your success. E-mail us at any time with your questions or reseller needs. This is the perfect way to begin your own successful Internet business!

* NOTE: We have additional commission programs in the works, and will soon have more information about other ways you can earn incentive money in the community! Home | Web Hosting | FAQ | Policies | Sign-Up
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