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When you host your web site with Arlin Technologies, Inc. you receive a great home for your site with all the added features, tools, and tips you need for success. We provide you with ample disk space (packages from 25 MB to 150 MB!), excellent service, reliable up-to-date technology to ensure your site runs smoothly, loads quickly, and securely 24 hours, 7 days per week. We can design a web site for you or you can upload a site yourself. You can have your own domain name hosted with us without any extra charge. We are your one-stop reference source for the newest marketing strategies on the Internet. We are so confident you will be fully satisfied, we even offer a 30-Day money-back-guarantee on the package of your choice!

Current packages

features: Arlin25 Arlin50 Arlin100 Arlin150

  Your Domain Name
  & (

yes yes yes yes
  Disk Storage Space 25 MB 50 MB 100 MB 150 MB
  Bandwidth /per mo. 1 GB 1.5 GB 2 GB 3 GB
  Price /per mo. $14.00 $19.00 $24.00 $29.00
  Setup (one time fee)* $25.00 $25.00 $25.00 $25.00
  Traffic (referral hits) unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
  POP3 E-mail unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
  E-mail Aliases unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
  Auto-responders unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
  Mailing Lists unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
  Personal Mail Server yes yes yes yes
  FrontPage 98/2000 yes yes yes yes
  24 hour FTP/Telnet yes yes yes yes
  Anonymous FTP yes yes yes yes
  Server Side Includes yes yes yes yes
  CGI Scripts(any directory) yes yes yes yes
  Unix Environment yes yes yes yes
  Back-up Generator yes yes yes yes
  Personal Back-ups yes yes yes yes
  Secure Server /per mo. $4.00 $4.00 $4.00 $4.00

  * Pay for your first full year in advance & setup fee will be waived!

Domain Parking does not charge you for your domain name and there are no extra fees to park your domain when you host your web site with us. If you need to obtain a domain name, we provide assistance to expedite a smooth domain registration with the InterNIC for you. When you sign up to have your existing domain hosted by us, we can put in the transfer request to InterNIC for you.

The only domain charge you will have to pay is the Network Solutions InterNIC fee of $70 for the first two years when your register your domain name, and $35 each subsequent year. When you sign-up for your account with, you will have the chance to choose the domain name you want and check for it's availability. When you decide on an available domain name, fill in your information on our sign-up form, including your requested or existing domain name, and submit your payment, and we will take care of all the details for you.

Uploading Your Site Files

You can upload your own site files using MS FrontPage if your site was created with FrontPage, or you can upload by File Transfer Protocol (FTP). If you need additional software, WS_FTP is available for download at our site. Visit our technical supportpage for more information.

Secure Server

If your site will contain any type of confidential material, from private information being disseminated to select groups, to incoming credit card data exchange, you will want to provide a secure environment. This is done on the web by using a seperate, high security server for those pages needing security protection. To use a secure server, you will need to upload the page files containing or requesting confidential data directly to the secure server, rather than the server your regular pages will reside on, and adjust your links accordingly. We offer secure server provisions to you at a low rate of $4.00 per month. If you need technical assistance with this, feel free to contact us to request help.

Please read our hosting policy before signing up for your site.
You may want to review our Frequently Asked Questions page also.

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We always welcome your feedback and suggestions for improvement!

If you have questions or need help, feel free to contact us through our Technical Support page (toll-free phone support available). Home | Web Hosting | FAQ | Policies | Sign-Up
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