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Internet surfers find what they are looking for by entering search words or phrases on search engines. To get your site listed, your site needs to be registered with the search engines. Knowing where, when, and how to submit your site is crucial to getting a top ranking position in the resulting search list. You have countless sites to compete with, so staying on top is an important element to insuring good traffic to your site. For best results, you should re-submit your site every three months and any time you make big changes to your site.

Manually submitting your site to search engines and advertising links can be very tedious and extremely time consuming. We offer two submission solution choices using the newest automatic software for your convenience, Quick Submission Service and FREE Comprehensive Submission Service. Be sure to check out our ranking service also for some additional help in ranking near the top of the search results.

Quick Submission Service

Pay only $15.00 each for quick and easy automatic submission service which includes submitting your web site name and URL link to 1200 search engines, directories, and links.
Click here to enter your submission data and request.

FREE Comprehensive Submission Service

Bringing a steady flow of visitors to your site involves more than a submission to a search engine. There are many promotion tools and strategies available. Some work well, some charge a fee without results. We have researched and prepared five easy
steps to successfully promote your web site's effectiveness. When you follow all the applicable steps outlined below prior to submitting your web site data, we will automatically submit your site name and URL link to 1200 search engines, directories, and links for FREE!

We will verify that you have completed the steps after you have placed the special codes (found in the instructions below) on your page. Individually the steps may not make a huge difference, but using them all in conjunction with one another, this program is designed to improve your web site's visibility and prove well worth your time. Since each web site is different and has individual goals, feel free to email us for personalized help after completing these steps!

Five Easy Steps to Success

We strongly recommend doing all the steps without skipping any. Each step involves utilizing a free service, but includes options to pay for extras. We suggest not jumping in to spend money for extras now, with the exception of step 5! Your participation, in exchange, helps promote Arlin Technologies, Inc., allowing us to offer you this program free of charge, but you prosper even more!

STEP #1:
Join one or more banner exchanges programs. Never place more than two exchange banners on a web page, unless you put them on the very bottom and the page loads nicely before the extra banners appear. Select only banner exchanges offering a clickthru ratio of 200:1 or better. After careful research, we have found
Linkbuddies to be the best. You put one linkbuddies banner on the bottom of your home page. Make sure you have the extra linkbuddies image to get referrals! Then add the referral banners in several places on your site; the more places, the better. NOTE: Linkbuddies will not accept sites whose whole content is geared toward pay-to-surf. If applicable, rearrange your layout and content, utilizing those programs, but not as your MAIN content.

STEP #2:
Get PAID to write your opinions! It is as simple as that! You will make tons of money with little effort! (Potential: earn $340 for less than 40 opinions.)

STEP #3:
Join the ClickThru Network to earn and win credits. Even better, become a double ClickThru member. Make SURE to upload your banner for your free advertising option!

STEP #4:
Join the Linkscout program. Follow the directions, and put the URL they give you on your site.

STEP #5:
Get a MegaSpinner traffic page. Follow the directions, and put the URL they give you on your site.

When you have completed all five steps, AND have put the code for at least three of the steps on your page, Click here to enter your submission data and request. Once we have verified your codes are inserted and correct, we will submit up to two of your URLs to 1200 search engines and directories for FREE! Home | Web Hosting | FAQ | Policies | Sign-Up
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