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    TSRN History

    Because we've been so concerned about the extinction and decline in population of threatened and endangered species, we established the Threatened Species Recovery Network in June of 1998. We received public support and sought recognition from the appropriate agencies (Internal Revenue Service and Franchise Tax Board) and gained our non-profit status as a charitable organization. We immediately implemented a definition of purpose, proposal of general operating principles and planned activities of fund raising and awareness campaigns.


    TSRN was proud of meeting its first goal of making a grant early on in its existence. TSRN's 1998 grant went toward the protection of the Presidio Manzanita, a seriously endangered and badly infected plant located in San Francisco. There is only one Presidio Manzanita plant left -- and it's leaf is depicted in TSRN's logo. University of California Davis researcher Ellen Sutter and the Golden Gate National Park Association's Betty Young are using the money to help produce disease-free plants. Sutter's hope is to produce disease-free plants by harvesting disease-free bud cells from the existing plant for micropropagation. For more information on Sutter's work, go to http://pom.ucdavis.edu/personnel/faculty/sutter.htm From the onset of our organization, we have worked to raise money by soliciting donations from environmentally conscious and caring individuals and associates. We have even raised money for TSRN the hard way; a fundraiser utilizing the "dunk tank" at a nearby convention!


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