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    We at Threatened Species Recovery Network (TSRN) have long had an interest in efforts to preserve wildlife. We recently formed our organization as a grant-making charity designed to help those out in the field doing work to protect and re-introduce threatened and endangered species in the United States. TSRN hopes to raise public awareness for species whose existence is in danger, as well as raise funding for and contribute grants to individuals, volunteer groups and researchers working on the front lines to preserve threatened and endangered plant and animal life.

    Our logo above depicts one of the first endangered species that sparked our interest in forming the organization. It's the leaf of the Presidio Manzanita. There's only one known plant left, and it lives in a special section of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. In December of 1998, we were happy to contribute a donation earmarked to aid in the protection of this last surviving Presidio Manzanita.